Investment Funds

Investment funds provide various possibilities to choose the most suitable type of investment or savings for everyone. Opt for stable return and balanced risk, or higher risk and chance to earn more. Purpose of the investment funds is to help save and increase the assets of their holders.

Investment funds are among the most efficient ways of money saving and investing. They will be the right choice, if you want to increase the value of the invested assets or manage the flow of your assets in a more efficient way.

Even with a small initial capital, starting from EUR 50, it is possible to enter equity markets by investing in funds with higher or lower risk.

The wide selection of investment funds offered by Luminor makes it possible to choose the right investment strategy tailored for your interests and preferred level of risk.

Experienced Luminor fund managers invest the assets in shares of promising companies and government bonds expecting the increase of the value of these equities and potential profit.

Unlike the traditional savings or term deposits, these funds combine your money with the assets of other investors, thus gaining maximum return. Investment funds are a great alternative to investing in works of art, real estate, movables or other assets.


  • Low minimum investment. Minimum amount is EUR 50.
  • Liquidity. You are free to buy and sell shares of funds and receive money in just a few days, and also freely exchange or supplement your fund portfolio.
  • Diversification Assets of the funds are being invested in various financial instruments of different risk levels in numerous regions, thus reducing the risk.
  • Professional management. You don't have to spend your time following the developments on the financial markets and deciding on investing in individual stocks. Your investment fund assets will be in good hands of professional Luminor fund managers.
  • Accessibility Transactions with funds can be performed by using Nordea Netbank.

For investment funds pricing and returns see the section Fund Prices.


Changes in Luminor investment funds pricelist

Starting from 14.09.2015.Luminor investment funds subscription fee for the transactions executed in Luminor branches will be changed.

Thus, subscription fee for all customers, regardless Customer advantage program will be:

Group of investment funds Nordea investment funds subscription fee in branches
Equity funds 3%
Balanced, bond, reserve funds 1%
Fund of funds 2%

Most favorable subscription fee with Nordea investment funds is applied for the transactions executed in Luminor private netbank. Subscription fee for the transactions executed in  netbank is noticeably lower and depends on your Customer advantage program.

You may find the new pricelist here.

General terms and conditions on opening and servicing securities accounts


Global Climate and Environment Fund

 Profit from the transition to a low carbon sustainable economy

  • Increasing consumer-awareness is pushing businesses to tackle climate change and sustainability issues
  • Fund invests in companies which, through their climate solutions, are changing the world for the better
  • Focuses on businesses operating in alternative energy, resource efficiency and environmental protection
  • Provides attractive returns by recognizing the research gap in this area and delivering a concentrated portfolio of high conviction investment ideas
  • Experienced and stable portfolio management team, using a fundamental bottom-up investment process to identify and analyze companies that are misprice
  • Additional information about funds: read here

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European Small and Mid Cap Equity Fund

 Uncover interesting growth opportunities in under-researched market segment

  • Small caps are undervalued relative to large caps and should catch up
  • Current expansionary monetary policy and central bank stimulus are supporting small and mid cap equities
  • Proven investment process, focusing on growth drivers and profitability across the entire value chain and using direct contacts with company management as well as suppliers and clients to obtain information.
  • Demonstrated ability to consistently outperform benchmark
  • 4 star rated fund by Morningstar

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US Total Return Bond Fund

Yield with effective risk control

  • Sub-managed by Los Angeles-based DoubleLine Capital LP, with the highly regarded Jeffrey Gundlach as the lead Portfolio Manager
  • Seeking to maximize total return, exploiting inefficiencies within the subsectors of the MBS market, while maintaining active risk management constraints
  • One of the largest, most experienced MBS team in the world ensures the viability and uniqueness of the investment strategy
  • Additional benefit from USD appreciation for EUR based investors
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European Cross Credit Fund

Higher yield with reasonable risk
  • Take advantage of structural inefficiencies created by bond rating agencies
  • Invests mainly in European companies whose credit rating is on the edge between investment grade and high yield
  • Aims to yield more than an Investment Grade bond portfolio but taking on a lower risk than a “pure” High Yield bond one
  • Bottom-up driven approach ensuring that only bonds of companies with solid fundamentals are selected
  • Corporate issuers only, no financials (no banking and insurance companies)
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Material presented on this webpage is intended as general information on the funds offered by Nordea. In Nordea’s opinion, considering current situation in the financial markets, clients could study given funds to evaluate their suitability and compliance with their investment goals and financial capabilities and as a result suitability to their investment portfolio. We want to stress that publication of investment fund information on this webpage is not investment advice and should not be used as a basis for investment decisions. Before making investment decision client should in any case study the terms and conditions of the respective product and evaluate the suitability of the particular fund to the client’s investment portfolio.

The concept of Luminor Model Portfolios is based on three basic principles:

  • Investor is to make investments in diversified investment portfolios
  • Model Portfolio ensures the best compromise between potential return and risk level disregarding the risk level chosen
  • Placement of assets – ratio between the financial instruments of shares and bonds is determined by the level of investor’s risk tolerance and desired expected return.

Well diversified portfolio with the right placement of assets might be reached by using various product solutions depending on the individual aims and needs of the customer. Due to this reason, Luminor offers two types of investment fund portfolios:

  • Funds of funds – an easy way how to start creating an optimum investment portfolio by making regular investments in it (Sum of the investment less than EUR 5000).
  • Model Portfolio – a flexible portfolio for larger investments (Sum of the investment more than EUR 5000).

In order to choose the most suitable strategy of the Model Portfolio, it must be taken into account what the individual wishes, aims, desired term of investment and permitted risk level are.

In order to determine the most suitable strategy of the Model Portfolio, fill in the Risk Questionnaire (MiFID) in Luminor Netbank.


Price of a share of an investment fund depends on the fluctuation of the fund assets value and it differs every day. By purchasing and selling the fund shares, the difference between the purchase and selling price will be your profit. By investing in funds with higher potential returns, also the potential risk of loss increases.

For first-time investors:

  • Visit any Luminor Customer Service Unit.
  • Fill out the Investment risk and sutability assessment questionnaire, in order to determine your suitable investment strategy and appropriate financial instruments.
  • Open a securities account at Luminor Bank.
  • Choose the most appropriate type of investment.

During your visit at our office we will give you professional advice on starting investing, return options, on how to limit risks and other investment related matters.

If you already have a valid securities account at our bank, you are welcome to purchase funds in the Luminor Netbank under the tab Savings & Investments or at any Luminor Customer Service Unit. For more convenient purchase of particular funds you can use the Regular Subscription option in the Netbank.

Reminder! By investing in funds with higher potential returns, the potential risk of loss increases.


Investment fund shares can be sold:

You can freely exchange your purchased funds for other investment funds. For example, if you own any of the Nordea bond funds, but instead you want to purchase an equities fund, you do not have to sell the first one and purchase the other. Using Luminor Netbank select the fund exchange transaction and specify the fund you wish to exchange and the fund you want to obtain. In such way, you can record your profit without withdrawing money from the investment.

Exchange of investment funds is possible only within the same group of funds. For example, Luminor fund of funds can be exchanged for fund of funds. Accordingly all other Nordea funds can be exchanged only for other Nordea funds.

You can exchange funds:

If you wish to regularly purchase particular selected funds, use the Regular Subscription option in Luminor Netbank under the tab Savings & Investments. For example, invest EUR 50 in any of the funds on the 10th day each month.

You may arrange several regular subscription orders for purchase of different funds.

You may change the investment amount, fund purchase date and frequency at any time. For instance, once a month or once every quarter or once in 6 months, etc.

Ex-ante Information on Costs and Charges of Investment Funds