Simplified Model Portfolio

The Simplified Model Portfolio is an easy way how to start an optimum investment portfolio with a possibility to make regular investments in it. The minimum investment in the Simple Model Portfolio is 100 Euros.
The Simplified Model Portfolio consists of three Nordea 1, SICAV funds that are combines in the portfolios depending on desired risk level.

  • Multi Asset Fund – fund objective is to gain profit in case of both upward development of the market and during recession, by means of placing resources in an innovative manner in approximately 9 different stock, bond and currency markets.
  • Global Bond Fund –global diversified investment rating fixed income bonds. Mostly these are low risk government bonds with a small addition of corporative emission.
  • Global Stable Equity Fund (Euro Hedged) – well diversified among regions and sectors. Relatively low fluctuation in combination with good return in comparison with the risk assumed.

Nordea offers three types of the Simplified Model Portfolio depending on the risk profile of the investor and expected return.

Presentation on Nordea Model Portfolios 

Simplified Model Portfolio


Conservative Portfolio

If your priority is to limit the risk and you accept the lowest return to minimize the risk of loss, the Conservative Simplified Model Portfolio will be suitable for you.

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Balanced Portfolio

If you would like to increase your capital and accept reasonable risk of loss in order to receive a reasonable return, tad Balanced Simplified Model Portfolio will be suitable for you.

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Aggressive Portfolio

If you are looking for a high profit in order to increase your capital considerably and accept high risk in order to receive high return, Aggressive Simplified Model Portfolio will be suitable for you.

Detailed information about Simplified Model Portfolio 

Expected return from investment products cannot be considered as a guaranteed amount due to the fat that it is based on historic results and events in the previous period. The expected return does not provide a precise indication of the results in the future. Actual return might differ from the assumptions of the expected return indicated in this material. The value of the investment portfolio might increase or decrease on the basis of the events taking place in global financial markets that are influenced by several risk factors.

Nordea shall not bear responsibility for any loss that might occur to the client when acting in compliance with the information provided in this material. Assumptions and other aforementioned information depict the view of Nordea on the date when the material was prepared but it might change in the future without notifying about it to the client.

Nordea indicates that when relying on the indicated investment offer it is necessary to review the structure of the investment on the regular basis in line with the changes in the financial market.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Latvia “On Personal Income Tax”, the income of individual persons that is gained from the increase of capital is subject to the Income Tax. Nordea does not provide recommendations for solving taxation, accounting or legal issues.

This offer has been created on the basis of the Policy of Determining the Status of the Customers, the Policy of Order Fulfilment, the Policy of Interest Conflict Management, the Review of the Risks Related to the Investments that are available in the webpage.

The information provided in this material cannot be considered as a complete depiction of financial risks concerning the products offered and it cannot be seen as a comprehensive basis for making decisions regarding investments. Customers must assess themselves the compliance of the information included in the material to own interests. It is prohibited to copy, disseminate or publish this material in any way without receiving a written consent from Nordea.

The simplified model portfolio offers equal placement of resources up to maximum extent in order to ensure optimum allocation of the assets; in the result of this, the return of simplified and diversified model portfolios might slightly differ.